Virginia Woolf's 


April 18th - April 22nd 2017 (Ended)


Blessed with eternal life and beauty, the Duke Orlando is a celebrated ambassador and Renaissance man. More than anything however, he dreams of becoming a poet. One morning, at the height of his political career, he awakes to discover he has transformed into a woman and that he must learn once again how to navigate society in this new form. Aided by her well-intentioned biographer, can the Duchess Orlando overcome prejudice, politics, and rather restrictive corsetry, and become the great writer she dreams of being?


Fresh from their debut show, The Steampunk Tempest (Edinburgh Fringe 2016), emerging theatre company Some Kind of Theatre are delighted to premiere this original adaptation of Virginia Woolf’s landmark 1928 novel, a masterpiece described as ‘the longest and most charming love letter in literature’.  Through symbolism, creative staging, and a brand new script, Some Kind of Theatre aims to translate Woolf's sensual, dizzyingly descriptive prose onto the stage, bringing this strange and beautiful story to life for new audiences


The Writer   -   Lucy Davidson

Orlando   -   Elsa Van Der Wal

Queen Elizabeth I

Harry/Harriet   -   James Sullivan



Jonathan Swift   -   John Spilsbury

Marmaduke Shelmerdine


Nick Greene   -   Gerry Kielty

Thomas Addison


Alexander Pope  -   Camilla Makmuhdova


  Craig A. Black   -   Technician


Martin Rowbottom   -  Sound Design

Ash Pryce & Cerny Yaun  -   Publicity Designer

David Paton   -   Composer & Trumpet Player

Christopher 'Chris' Paddon   -   Stage Manager

Nico Marrone   -   Assistant Director


Emily Ingram   -   Script Adaptor & Director

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Edinburgh, UK |

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