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Who are Some Kind of Theatre?

- Some Kind of Theatre (affectionately known as SKoT) is run by Emily, Gerry and Justin who are freelance professionals based in Edinburgh (for boring things like our CVs, see About Us).  Each of Some Kind of Theatre's shows has its own production team and cast. 




What kind of theatre does Some Kind of Theatre make?

- We bring plays and adaptations with literary themes to the stage in an accessible manner.  Our goal is to bring to life an onstage library of classic texts and novels and new writing. 

We are also committed to making our work as accessible as possible. As well as integrating accessible performance practices into our work, we create theatre that can be brought directly to those who can't access it in traditional venues.

What is Some Kind of Theatre's current show?

- The Sprite In The Dolls House which is based on A Note Of Explanation, a children's story by Vita Sackville-West. The show will be performed on December 14th and 15th at 11am and 2.30pm. Entry into the show is included as part of the ticket to the Palace of Holyroodhouse on the 14th and 15th of December.


How can I audition for Some Kind of Theatre?

-  For information about upcoming auditions, check out our Auditions page.  We also regularly publicise our open auditions via our website's news page and the Some Kind of Theatre Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts.  We welcome auditions from disabled and able-bodied actors of all ages, genders, accents, backgrounds, sexual orientation, and ethnicities.  

What is Theatre On The Sofa?

- Each year, we ensure that at least 50% of our productions are designed to be tourable to private homes, gardens, care homes, hospices, schools, and other unusual venues to ensure that audiences who aren't normally able to go out to the theatre can still enjoy our shows. These tourable shows our are 'Theatre On The Sofa' shows.

Who did the images on your website?

- Our logo was designed made by Michael Black Art and our platypus mascot was created by illustrator Ollie Ray.

How can I support Some Kind of Theatre?

- If you are able to, please come and see our shows!  There are also other ways you can support us as an individual, or as an organisation; please see our Support and Sponsorship page for more information.  As a small company without regular arts funding, we're incredibly grateful for any support that you are able to give.

Our t-shirts and other merchandise were designed by Anca Ioana Bostina exclusively for Some Kind of Theatre.  Some of the photography on this website was done in-house, but a lot of it is courtesy of Aliza Razell of Ummatiddle, Perry Jonsson Art, Fiona Knight, Grant Jamieson, and Nigel Thorton Photography.


What's with the platypus?

- That's our mascot, Bill.  When we first started Some Kind of Theatre and were trying to decide what to call ourselves, a lot of our initial ideas featured platypodes (platypi? We're not sure either...), because we felt that the platypus is a little like a theatre: it's made up of lots of different bits and is fun and a little bit odd, and always interesting.  You can follow Bill the Platypus on Twitter here.

I've written a script; will you help me stage a performance of it?

- If you feel your script is in keeping with our other work, please feel free to email the first three scenes or sections to with a brief covering letter explaining how your project fits in with our current body of work.  Although we cannot guarantee that we will be able to perform your work, we will do our best to provide individual feedback. 

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