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William Shakespeare's 


Summer 2016 (Ended)

The year is 1850, twelve years since Prospero, the former Duke of Milan and steampunk inventor extraordinaire, was exiled to a far-off island by his treacherous brother.  Now the fates have aligned, bringing Prospero’s enemies within the reach of his magic, and the time is nigh to conjure up a tempest, summon old foes, and settle old scores.

But even the best-laid plans can run adrift of unforeseen consequences, and soon Prospero’s plan, his control over the island, and even his own daughter are under threat.

Can Prospero hold true to his designs, abate a sea of competing claims to the island, and reclaim his dukedom?

On the 400th anniversary of his death, Some Kind of Theatre is proud to present Shakespeare's final play, relocating it in the alternative historical world of Victorian steampunk to reflect on its extant themes of colonialism and political struggle.  The text is brought to life with a blend of intimate staging, innovative direction, and new music by composer David Paton to delight Shakespeare fans and new audiences alike.

"This is an excellent performance" ★★★★  EdFringe Review

"The acting is absolutely stellar." TV BOMB

"a worthy production, and a welcome beachhead for Shakespeare in the Free Fringe"

Fringe Guru


Ariel: Calum Moore
Prospero and Miranga
Caliban and Prospero
Miranda: Imogen Reiter
Alonso: Vharri Lavery
Prospero: Christopher Paddon
The Steampunk Tempest


Ariel   -   Calum Moore

Miranda   -   Imogen Reiter

Prospero/Antonio  -   Danielle Farrow

Prospero/Antonio  -   Christopher Paddon

Caliban  -   Izzy Hourihane

Ferdinand  -   Felix Maxwell

Alonso  -   Vharri Lavery

Sebastian  -   Jamie Gould

Trinculo  -   Daniel Orejon

Stephano  -   Charlie Angelo

Set Painter   -   Imogen Reiter & Nina MacPherson

Set Design   -   Sarah Whillier, Emily Ingram, & Christopher Paddon

Sound Design   -   Martin Rowbottom

Tech Team  -   Boris Kostadinov & Rob Younger

Costumes  -   Ellie Finch & Lorna Rowe

Movement & Fight Choreographer   -   Chris Honey

Music  -   David Paton

Stage Manager  -   Christopher Paddon

Publicity Design  -   Aliza Razell of Ummatiddle

Producer  -   Susan Kidd

Assistant Director  -   Charlie Angelo

Director & Script Abridgement -   Emily Ingram

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