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London - Buxton - Edinburgh - Summer 2019 (ENDED)

The Grandmothers Grimm.jpg

Cannibalism, werewolf trials, deceit, and murder: Marie Hassenpflug and the Brothers Grimm are trying to edit the darkness out of old stories. But as they do so, the voices of the women who created these tales are lost… What will be saved and what will be forgotten?


The Grandmothers Grimm explores women’s role in the creation of the Brothers Grimm’s famous anthology. Discover a night of folk and fairy tales as you've never heard them before.

Edinburgh literary theatre company, Some Kind of Theatre are proud to bring The Grandmothers Grimm to the Buxton Fringe, the
Edinburgh Festival Fringe and Southwark Playhouse, London.


This show was also available for Theatre On The Sofa performances.



Photo by Grant Jamieson

The Sleeping Princess: Photo by Fiona Knight

The Donkey Prince: Photo by Fiona Knight

Old Marie (Emily Ingram): Photo by Grant Jamieson

Jacob Grimm: Justin Skelton

Marie Hassenpflug (Jenny Quinn): Photo by Grant Jamieson

Wilhelm Grimm (Gerry Kielty): Photo by Fiona Knight

Stage Manager: Christopher Paddon

Director & Writer: Emily Ingram


Jacob Grimm   -   Justin Skelton

Marie Hassenpflug   -   Jenny Quinn

Old Marie - Emily Ingram

Wilhelm Grimm   -   Gerry Kielty

  Ronan Makes Posters   -   Publicity Designer

Craig A. Black - Technical Manager

Christopher Paddon   -   Co-director & Stage Manager


Emily Ingram   -   Co-director & Writer

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