William Shakespeare's


Summer 2017 (Ended)

There’s mutiny afoot on the pirate ship, Rome.  Fresh from his victory over former captain Pompey, Caesar’s tyrannical command causes unrest amongst the crew. A mutiny supported by first mate Brutus might help restore democracy to the ship, if greed and in-fighting don’t get the better of the mutineers’ good intentions. Join Some Kind of Theatre for this swashbuckling take on Shakespeare’s great Roman tragedy.


Some Kind of Theatre, creators of the Shakespeare on the Sofa project, are proud to present this swashbuckling adventure for all ages.


"a very enjoyable hour"

 - The Wee Review

“5/5 for @SKOTheatre's Julius Caesar (With Pirates), managed to be fun and true to the source material”

 - Audience review

This show was performed as part of Shakespeare On The Sofa and also ran at the Edinburgh Fringe from August 5th - 18th at 7pm at Black Market (Room 7, 32 Market Street, EH1 1QB).



Marullus & Portia   -   Imogen Reiter

Lepidus   -   Nico Marrone

Flavius & Cinna   -   Felix Maxwell 

Mark Antony   -   Heather Milne 

Julius Caesar & Octavius   -   Andrew 'Johnny' Cameron

Brutus   -   John Spilsbury

Casca   -   Justin Skelton

Cassius   -   Christopher 'Chris' Paddon

  Imogen Reiter   -   Set Illustrator


Katrina Alexander & Emily Ingram   -   Technical Manager

Ash Pryce   -   Publicity Designer

David Paton   -   Composer

Christopher 'Chris' Paddon   -   Stage Manager

Nico Marrone   -   Assistant Director


Emily Ingram   -   Producer & Director

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